20th Apr 2021

The heart has no boundaries

Smitha Muthu, CJ. Nepal Province.

From the time I was able to travel down memory lane, I vividly remember many significant individuals who left a lasting mark in my life. I am deeply grateful to each one of them. Simultaneously I gratefully remember those life’s situations which taught me many lessons. In a very subtle way, my very living of my life taught me very important lessons. I mean lessons learned by living through the hard realities of life.

God’s Faithfulness in leading me/us to the destiny God has prepared for me/us even before we were conceived is a very strong conviction that I happen to hold very dear to my heart.  I began to experience a deep sense of inner freedom and connectedness after reading the book by Dr. Wayne Dyer You’ll see when you Believe. This book persuaded me to notice the divinity  in Everyone and Everything. From then on every meeting with new persons and situations became a Sacred Encounter with my Creator. This year the Mary Ward Week Prayer booklet had “We are part of the whole”.  I strongly felt this… being part of the whole. I started to become aware that my wealth is the love and affection that my heart feels for this whole. 

With this background, awareness our Union Process was inviting me to continue to taste god, who is full of surprises. There is a lot of eagerness within me to broaden my contacts, to have more Sacred Encounters with the other. Moreover, I discovered a great sense of Happiness within me. I sincerely feel privileged to be part of this historical event… of this Union Process. Yes, this Union Process would invite us to lead and establish this same union with many more souls of the universe. Oftentimes I recognize the desire in me to surrender joyfully to the Mysterious ways of God. 


Sr. Jeanne Cover and Sr. Fahlman, Ibvms from Canada, with Smitha Muthu, CJ, at the door of the Mary Ward Centre, in Canada.

One of the maxims of Mary Ward that I love is this “Singular freedom from all that could make one adhere to earthly things, with an entire application and apt disposition to all good works”. This maxim inspires me and fills me with lot of inner freedom & courage to be ever open to the movements of the spirit. As it has happened to me, I am sure God is at work with everyone, thus every one of us will realize the yearning deep within for this union with the other. God is so kind in inviting us to begin this Process with our own IBVM Loreto sisters. My soul feels a lot of gratitute to God for continuing to hold the hands of our Congregational Leadership in leading us. May God ever be Glorified!!!

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