27th Dec 2021

In memory of Mary Ward’s first arrival in Rome through the Flaminia Gate

Recalling to mind the first time Mary Ward entered Rome 400 years ago on 24th December with her four companions Winifred Wigmore, Barbara Ward, Susan Rookwood and Margaret Horde, we 12 Mary Ward women met at the Flaminia gate and entered Piazza del Popolo.

We were very happy that the Ambassador of the UK and his wife too joined us. We had a short but very meaningful prayer and sharing there  which began by singing “Waiting in Silence”.

We could share on one of  the 6 objects Mary Ward carried with her on her journey, the stick, the clock, the shoes, the rosary, the hat and the crucifix, which ever had a symbolic meaning for each of us personally. After the sharing we prayed the Union prayer together and wound up our brief encounter in the Basilica of Maria del Popolo.

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