23rd Dec 2021

Pilgrimage to the Holy House of Loreto

On 24th December , 400 years ago Mary Ward made her first journey to Rome. We know that “Mary and her companions took a 300 km diversion from the customary route to visit the holy house of Loreto in the north Italian States. Here she prayed full of faith and trust in God; it was made known to her in prayer that she would suffer much”.

In memory of this visit by  Mary Ward, members of the IBVM and CJ General Leadership Team and  the three sisters of the CJ Community in Rome, made a pilgrimage  on 22nd December 2021 to the shrine where the Holy House of Loreto is located. It was a day of prayer for this significant moment in our journey  of “Becoming One”.

We know that our IBVM sisters have been invited to a process of discernment that will take place especially in their Provincial and Regional congregations. In some places these congregations  have already  taken place and in some others they will be taking place in the near future.

On our visit to the shrine of Loreto, we celebrated Mass together in a small chapel on the lower floor. During this Eucharist we offered to God this discernment process. In union with Mary Ward  we prayed “ May Jesus say Amen.”

Sr. Prisca CJ

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