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All Mary World travels are currently on hiatus and will resume once the Covid-19 epidemic has subsided. Check back for updates!

MWW offers a variety of travel experiences including tours, seminars and cultural exchanges.

Contact us and we will be happy to plan your tour, book accommodations and if you want we will also accompany your tour with a well-informed tour guide.

Below are a few of our recent excursions.

Global Citizen Experience Tour 2018 in New York (USA) and Toronto (Canada)

30 participants from 9 different countries from 4 continents took part in the . Friends of Mary Ward, teachers, pupils and some sisters enjoyed a fascinating, enlightening and enriching week full of activities and shared experiences. We visited the Mary Ward sisters at the United Nations, had an interview-session with Joseph O’Keefe SJ, were warmly welcomed to extremely varied programmes at four different Mary Ward Schools in the Toronto area, experienced the “Kairos-blanket-exercise” (learning about indigenous people in Canada), enjoyed the fascinating power of Niagra Falls, listened to various country presentations, shared prayer and much, much more … (May/June 2018)

German Students Study in England

Mary Ward Students of year 9 from three different German schools (Traunstein/Sparz, Kempten and Nurenberg) embarked on a very special combination tour: getting to know Mary Ward’s home and studying English! Frau Hafensteiner from Traunstein/Sparz provided quality teaching for exam preparation, and on top of that all other tours, sights, speaking exercises in the city of York were done in English. Everyone returned home not only with lots of background information about Mary Ward’s years in her home country Yorkshire, but also that we all can tackle the final exams!


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