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About Mary Ward World

In the same spirit of Becoming One, Mary Ward World strives to foster connection. The charism of Mary Ward is active around the globe through the Sisters, students, teachers and the entire Mary Ward family. Here, we shine the light on the lay community in their many endeavors.  Let’s get to know each other and learn from one another!

No matter where you are, you are part of the Mary Ward World and your contributions and suggestions  are very important to these webpages.   Email us HERE. Welcome!

About Annette Haseneder

Educated by CJ sisters in München Nymphenburg, I worked at St Mary’s Ascot for two years before I embarked on my university years to become a teacher for German and English language and literature. I have been orgainising tours to Mary Ward places in England for nearly 20 years now, and since 2010 we enjoyed three International Mary Ward Weeks (hopefully to continue once the coronavirus allows us to travel safely) and an international tour to the IBVM/CJ UN offices in New York and IBVM schools in Canada. As a freelancer I offered teacher training days and courses on Ignatian Pedagogy to Mary Ward Schools in Germany. In April 2021, the CJ Middle European Province employed me to be the delegate for educational coordination and formation. I am happily married to Thomas, a theologian and deacon in the diocese of Munich; we have two adult children. 

Registered Address

IBVM General House. Via Massaua, 3, 00162 Rome, Italy || CJ General House. Via Nomentana, 250, 00162 Rome, Italy