23rd Jun 2022

Reflections on the Pentecost event

As you may remember, on 4 June, a time of prayer for Pentecost was organised in our extended Mary Ward family. Below we want to share with you two short reflections we received from Sr. Nirmala CJ and Sr. Lucia CJ

Pentecost Event  –  A short Reflection

Yes, It was a historical moment in our lives where we the IBVM`s and CJ`s came together as a Mary Ward family in the Virtual Platform as a sign of new Birth at the time of Pentecost. I felt that we were united in one spirit as a “cloud of witness”. I too felt that we have gathered in an upper room, like the early disciples, women and men who were tensed, unsure of what lay ahead. It was indeed a moment of grace and hope. The reflections and prayers were appropriate to the event. I am sure that Jesus has breathed on us all gifts and fruits of the spirit of freedom and readiness as we move towards the Union. We trust that we will grow in both freedom and readiness to share who we are. Gift of Wisdom, lead and guide us in the process of Becoming One. Let the peace of Risen Jesus remain with us Always. Amen I would like to express my gratitude to all those who have been part of this Pentecost event, especially those who have taken initiative to organize it. Venerable Mary Ward Pray for us and give us Your Spirit.

Sr. Nirmala CJ Ambassador of Patna ( India)

„The presence of hundreds of sisters at our meeting has helped me realize once again that although being still a Junior, I am a part of something greater, a part of a community that is united by one Spirit – despite its diversity of cultures and countries. It has strengthened my desire to be filled with Holy Spirit. During my studies, I perceived the gifts of the Holy Spirit as more intellectual. I would particularly call upon the Holy Spirit before exams and before taking important decisions. When praying during our Pentecostal meeting, a lot of sisters prayed for the gift of love given by the Holy Spirit. Thanks to this I have realised that the Holy Spirit cannot be limited to intellectual matters only. The presence of the Holy Spirit – the love in our heart – opens us up for the relationship with the Holy Trinity, the saints dwelling in Heaven as well as our earthly brothers and sisters. Last but not least I was attracted by the Virgin Mary who – led by the Holy Spirit – set off to be at the service of Elisabeth, her relative. Mary Ward, led by the Holy Spirit, set off in a similar way to help and serve souls. May her intercession accompany us on the path of creating unity in the diversity and in the service of the Church.”

Lucia Vojtašáková CJ

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