18th Feb 2021

Glimpses of the meeting of Winefred Wigmore’s First Group

The Winefred Wigmore’s group (Australia and South Asia) is a big one, with over 800 members distributed across India, Nepa, Korea, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Australia, East Timor, Vietnam and Bangladesh, so they are organising smaller groups to start creating connections.

One of these groups had their first Zoom meeting on 24th January 2021, Sunday. Eight vibrant Mary Ward Women came together to start sharing their stories. The meeting began with a soulful hymn sung by Sr. Shradha CJ of Bangalore region invoking the Spirit to envelope the group with His peace and joy. Thereafter   Sr. Lima CJ the ambassador of Winefred Wigmore’s team extended a warm welcome to the group and explained the purpose of the gathering that is to know each other and explore the richness of one another. After giving a brief introduction to the life of Winifred Wigmore one of Mary Ward’s first companions, Sr. Lima invited each member to share about themselves. It was a wonderful sharing of variety, specially about the mission field.

Having completed the first part of the sharing Sr. Lima placed before the group a soul-searching question- How do we feel after this experience of listening to one another? The following were some of the feelings expressed by the members.

  • We feel a sense of union.
  • Wherever we are, we are daughters of Our Venerable Mary Ward.
  • Such kinds of forum (International) should be created often so that we know each other and get inspired.
  • We found richness in one another.
  • Mary Ward will help us (CJs and IBVM) to be united as soon as possible.
  • We are truly Mary Ward Women.
  • There a sense of belonging and closeness.
  • Happy for the steps taken for the union.
  • Felt motivatied when listening to the sharing.

Once we completed interacting with each other sufficiently, Sr. Lima inspired us to continue to create occasions of meeting one another through social media and prayer. In order to keep the group connected, each of us were given a prayer partner. Thereafter the meeting was concluded with a short prayer by Sr. Bernadette. All of us felt grateful for getting a chance of meeting seven more companions of Mary Ward.

It was an enriching meeting.

Sr.Lima C.J

Ambassador of Winefrid Wigmore’s  Group

Registered Address

IBVM General House. Via Massaua, 3, 00162 Rome, Italy || CJ General House. Via Nomentana, 250, 00162 Rome, Italy