12th Jun 2018

Global Citizenship

The international group travelling to New York (USA) and Toronto (Canada) was reflecting in many ways what exactly it means to be a global citizen. See here what some of us wrote down at the end our our tour. 

♦ A global citizen puts common good before his own interests. He behaves in a way that does no harm to others and environment, is active and takes actions at local , regional, national and international level for the common good. He is willing to influence and make change in all what he or she does.

♦ A global citizen is a reflective, open person who respect others. Feels himself at home anywhere and grateful for being a guest of other cultures and the environment.

♦ We have run out of time to think about it any further. Time now for action. Every single thing we do is not too little, but will make a difference. Challenge your neighbours and friends when they don´t consider the consequences of their actions.

♦ A global citizen is a person who is interested in different cultures and people and is willing to learn from each other and respect one another. At the same time he feels responsible for this planet which we all share.

♦ As you would feel LOVE & AFFECTION when you remember your home, your mother, father, brother, sister…thus when YOU become aware that the same LOVE & AFFECTION arises in your heart for EVERYONE & EVERYTHING you see around then rejoice YOU INDEED ARE A GLOBAL CITIZEN !!

♦ I believe the Global Citizen is the Citizen of the World, the Citizen of the Future. Our future is the construction of a new globalization made by the union of the difference. A new citizen built with the various identities of different peoples. We have to start from school from education: the first proposal could be to introduce the Global Citizenship into school planning.

♦ A global citizen has a bigger family. He is as well guest as he is host to other people, being aware, that we are all equal. Everyone should be challenged to become involved, not just to be a witness or a bystander, but actively participate in bringing about the change so desperately necessary. But how? Our comfort zones cripple us …

♦ Global citizenship is all about awareness. Awareness regarding the individual human in their needs and their backgrounds. Awareness towards nature in all its xxx. Awareness regarding the similarities and the enriching differences. Awareness where action is needed, wanted and useful to improve the realization of being a worldwide family.

— Annette Haseneder

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