12th May 2022

From Ukraine to Australia

We are very happy to share with you some letters and pictures from children in the Ukraine to the girls of the IBVM Loreto school in Adelaide in Australia in response to letters to the Ukraine children from the girls in Australia.  They are accompanied by the following e-mail from our sisters in Ukraine who work with the children who, with their mothers, are internal refugees in Ukraine:

Dear children,

Thank you very much for your letters and pictures. We were very pleased knowing you thought of us. Special thanks for your prayers, they support us every day. Thanks to your prayers we are safe and well and able to help others. We support adults and children who flee from the bombarded places. Many children stayed a long time at the basement shelters, they are sad and scared.

Please continue praying for us, for the end of the war that all the people and especially the children may live in peace.

Sincerely yours

Congregation of Jesus Sisters from Ukraine

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