18th Feb 2021

Pilgrims of hope: First webinar of the Susannah Rookwood Ambassadors

In December 2020, the Susannah Rookwood Ambassadors (Europe) held their first webinar to inform Mary Ward Women all over Europe about their mission.

“We are experiencing significant changes and disruptions since we came into the 21st Century. (…) In addition to the Covid-19 health crisis, we are aware that the Human Family has a long way to go to live as good neighbours, to create a more equative and just word, to save our planet from destruction and to share common values.

In this difficult world, Mary Ward sisters contribute from our Spiritual Tradition being ‘artisans of peace”, as Pope Francis says in the  Encyclical. (…) We are pilgrims of hope, So, let’s celebrate what is being born at this time for us”.

 These are the opening words of the webinar of the Susannah Rookwood Ambassadors, a first event to introduce themselves and get to know the others, to engage in communications, sharing, learning from the others in a variety of ways.


Registered Address

IBVM General House. Via Massaua, 3, 00162 Rome, Italy || CJ General House. Via Nomentana, 250, 00162 Rome, Italy