12th Mar 2017

Exchange Experience: A Teacher’s Perspective

Brazilian teacher Miriam de Castro Dutra Carvalho (participant of the Friends Conference 2015 in Loyola, Spain) enjoys the snow in the Alps together with German teacher Petra Hafensteiner from Mary Ward School Traunstein-Sparz.

I am from Brazil and I live in Sao Paulo. I am married with two daughters. One of them is a pupil at the Mary Ward School in Sao Paulo, Escola Santa Maria. My husband and I are an active in the Friends of Mary Ward and furthermore I am a catechist for confirmation groups.
I am a teacher of German and wanted to improve my language skills. This is why I contacted our Brazilian Provinical, and so I was able to come to Germany, to the Erzbischöfliche Maria Ward Realschule St. Zeno in Bad Reichenhall, in the south of Germany.
I arrived on 4th January 2017 and have experienced a lot during my stay.
At school I give talks in different classes about Brazil and I am happy to answer all sorts of questions, as the boys and girls show a lot of interest in Brazilian culture. I attend lessons regularly, not only German classes. This is all very interesting and very useful for my experience both in my job, but also in life.
I was also able to get to know the Erzbischöfliche Maria Ward Mädchenrealschule Traunstein-Sparz and I have given some talks on Brazil there, too. This was also very interesting, and new good contacts arose from this.
I would like to thank the CJ sisters as well as the Mary Ward Schools, and will pass on my experience back at home to others.

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