12th Nov 2019

Exchange Experience: A Student’s Perspective

Hi! My name is Eva, I am 16 years old. I am a pupil at the Maria Ward Gymnasium in Günzburg in Germany. I am spending this school year in Ireland in order to get to know the life and culture of Ireland, to learn English and to go to school, of course. I arrived here after the Christmas holidays, and now I am a pupil of the Loreto Abbey School in Dalkey near Dublin, which is also a Mary Ward School.

This school looks like a castle. The front part is used by the sisters. Apart from myself, there are other “international students”, for instance some Spanish girls who are Loreto pupils in Spain. The atmosphere here at the school is extremely good, and I found really good new friends on my second day of my stay. What can I say? I am now nearly half way through my time in Ireland, and I am extremely impressed by everything. I am looking forward to the coming weeks and months, and will enjoy getting to know more people at the school. All the best, Eva.

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