18th Feb 2021

Creative ways of communicating

Julie Stapleton, Ibvm from USA, only speaks English. Nelly Parada, CJ from Chile, speaks no more than Spanish. It doesn´t seem the right beginning for a long conversation… Nevertheless, that’s exactly what they had a few weeks ago!.

They are both ambassadors in the Barbara Babthorpe group (Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Peru and USA) and they have had an online meeting where they exchanged bios from the six countries. So, the day after, when Nelly called Julie on her cell phone using FaceTime, Julie was surprised. How were they going to communicate?

Each one talked in her own language and it worked! Nelly gestured about how hot the temperature was in Chile. Julie went outdoors to show the snow piles. Then, both admired the other one’s flowering plants and blooming houseplants. They were excited at the connections they were making!  Face to face across the north and south hemispheres, they were connected! It was a creative way of working in the path to Union.



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