23rd Feb 2021

Barbara Babthorpe’s group meeting

In America, the Barbara Babthorpe group has enjoyed a new online meeting with the presence of the ambassadors and two special guests, Sr. Teresa and Veraní.

On the 23rd February 2021, the Barbara Babthorpe group, formed by Argentina, Chile, Peru, United States and Canada, had a zoom meeting in which they all tried to share new ideas to get to know each other better. It was possible thanks to Estela, who was in charge of the translations.

They came up with two proposals:

1. That they will add the email and whatsapp number to the birthday list, so all the sisters can communicate directly with the others.

2.- That they will have a common prayer via zoom with all the Sister who want and who can join, on 21st March. Sr. Winefrid, Nelly and Veraní will prepare it.

Finally, they will have a new zoom meeting on the 6th April, in order to go on with new ideas… Let’s see what comes up!

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