21st Apr 2020

Anti-Street Harassment

Thank you Francesca at the UN office for hosting the very interesting Twitter exchange / webinar on Anti-Street Harassment on 20th April 2020. Many participants from all over the globe took part in this meaningful exchange of thoughts on social realities and gender inequality. The questions discussed were:

1. What does “street-harassment “mean to you .
2. What makes you uncomfortable/ unsafe or harassed while on the street?
3. What are some of the main reasons why young people suffer harassment/ engage in street harassment?
4. What kind of change should be made to the streets you use.

At the end, I felt that there ARE ways of reducing street harrassment, and I even learned a new German word: Angst-Räume (transl.: areas that create fear). City developers should reduce small alleyways, dark corners or subways that are prone to unsafe situations. Women are entitled to always feel OK to be out in the streets – simply because they want to be. 
Great project!

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