07th Jun 2021

Sharing together in Spain

Besides the regional meetings held by the different IBVM-CJ groups by continents, there are some countries where both congregations are present. This is the case of Spain, where CJ and IBVM sisters have a long story in different parts of the country. Over the past few years, they have been in touch and they have held several meetings, especially between the representatives of the two provincial teams. 

Meeting of IBVM and CJ Provincial teams in March, 2019, in Zaragoze. From left to right, sisters Esther Villahoz CJ, Blanca Bergereche Ibvm, Anselma de la Pisa CJ, Cecilia Lee CJ, Leticia Larrea CJ, Elena Cerdeiras Ibvm, Beatriz Martín Ibvm, and Pilar Urretabizkaia CJ.

Now, the time has come for all the members to get to know each other, so they have had a few meetings gathering all the sisters in both Institutes. They started sharing presentations of who they were and what ministries they carried out, they did a special joint celebration for the Time of Creation and, finally, as a culmination of this intense Process, each one of them shared with the others a sentence that was important for her. They have gathered all of them in this beautiful presentation that we invite you to enjoy.

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